Have beautiful brows

every day <3

Tired of having to draw and shape those bad boys every day?

Drop the eyebrow pencil.

If you Googled “microblading in Logan, Utah” and it sent you here, then you’ve come to the right place! With a dizzying variety of eyebrow products and services available, it’s hard to know what will get you the best results. Over the past couple of years, there’s one solution that has been taking Instagram by storm: permanent brows.

Here are some of the benefits of permanent brows:

  • Long-lasting (usually lasts between 18 to 30 months)
  • Saves you time on your makeup routine
  • Low-maintenance & easy aftercare
  • Fully customizable


Achieve a precise "hair stroke" look.
$ 200
  • Complimentary 6-week touchup included
  • Payment options available

Combo Brow

A mixture of microblading & powder.
$ 200
  • Complimentary 6-week touchup included
  • Payment options available

Powder Brow

Create a soft, powdered brow look.
$ 200
  • Complimentary 6-week touchup included
  • Payment options available

Microblading FAQ

What permanent brow techniques do you offer? Good question! There are a few different ways we can shape your permanent brows:

  • Microblading is a semi-permanent brow enhancement technique that’s aimed at creating a precise “hair stroke” look with the use of special tools and pigments. They look so real you might even try to pluck one! Microblading can also be done with other brow techniques as well if you want the best of both worlds! It’ll  leave your brows looking precise, natural, and absolutely gorgeous!
  • Microlining is very similar to Microblading. It’s semi-permanent and still leaves that “hair stroke” look, but is done with a more gentle tapping technique. It leaves the hair strokes a little more “soft” looking.
  • Powder Brows are a semi-permanent brow enhancement technique that creates a fully filled in brow look. If you like to wear a full face of makeup, or you like to completely fill in your brows everyday, this is a good option for you! Results look soft and full!

Does it hurt? Nope! We numb you before the procedure, so most clients don’t feel anything at all. Some people even fall asleep!

What if I don’t like how it turns out? After a few weeks, the initial pigment will fade a bit. This gives us an opportunity to do your six-week touchup (included in price) and make sure the pigment takes exactly how you want it!