BH Cosmetics Weekend Vibes Collection Review

Before buying this collection, I was skeptical. I had bought BH Cosmetic brushes before and loved them, but had never actually bought any of their makeup products. I had no idea if they would be good or not. Now that i’ve tested this collection out, i’m here to spill all the details!

Belgian Waffle Bronzer & Highlight Palette

First of all, the packaging is SO cute and feels nice and sturdy. The bronzers blend really beautifully. The only thing that’s not great is that the darkest bronze shade really isn’t that dark, so it won’t work for you if you if you have dark skin, which is a bummer.

But the highlights, let me tell you…! They are bomb! The colors are great and the range is good too, so no matter your skin tone you’ll have one you can use. Plus, they are BLINDING! Don’t get me wrong, you can make it subtle if you want to, but they won’t disappoint.

Bellini Blush Palette

The colors in this palette range from a very soft and light peachy pink to a red peach color. It’s a great range and all of them are beautifully pigmented and blend seamlessly!

Mimosa Eyeshadow Palette

This 16 color eyeshadow palette has juicy hues that’ll make your mouth water. Reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, and neutrals. Basically all the sassy AND classy that you need in a palette. Both the shimmers and mattes blend easily and are very pigmented. The shimmers are my favorite because they really pack a punch!

So Extra High Shine Plumping Gloss Duo (Chai Latte)

As far as plumping goes, I didn’t notice much from this gloss. Both the colors in the duo are extremely beautiful and have a great, smooth, and moisturizing texture.

After trying this collection out, I am convinced that BH Cosmetics is definitely underrated and deserves more hype. Seriously everything was beautiful and worked so well (other than that the bronzer needed a better range). I’ll leave my video review below so you can see a more in-depth review and try-on. 💜

Love, Olivia

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There are many cosmetic companies that sell makeup brushes, but there’s one that I just have to recommend to everyone! That brand is BH Cosmetics. Now let me tell you why you need to purchase a brush set from them, and why you’ll love it!

BH Cosmetics Bombshell Beauty Brush Set $26

1- You get the most bang for your buck. BH’s brushes come in sets that range from around 5 – 15 brushes per set, all for around only $25! That’s extremely affordable compared to other brands.

2- The quality is great. I use these brushes on the daily and they hold up so well, even after you wash them!

3- They have an amazing selection to choose from! They have every type and color of brushes you could think of. With their large selection, you’ll find something that fits both your needs and your personality! Win win!

4- They are vegan and cruelty free. This brand has standards and values. That’s important! They care.🐰💕

5- Their brushes are SO aesthetically pleasing. They are all so freaking GORGEOUS and will look so pretty sitting on your vanity!

In one sentence: They are affordable, durable, and so fabulous. 💋

Head to and get your brushes now!

I hope you love them just like I do.

Love, Olivia 💜