Beauty Roundup: 06/18/20

Hello beauty babes! I’m starting a weekly THANG to share and feature some of my favorite content on the web. One of the things I love about makeup is that no matter your race, religion, language, or favorite ice cream (mine is chocolate/peanut butter), we are all sisters! The online beauty community has given me an incredible support system– and I want to share that wealth of knowledge with you.

With that being said, here are…

The Best Articles I've Read This Week

  • New Drugstore Makeup June 2020

    CREATIVITYJAR - This is a great post with ideas for new makeup for those of us on a budget! She also includes some key products to add to your routine during the summer season.

  • Important Things I've Learned About Skincare

    A WOMAN'S CONFIDENCE - I recently stumbled across this blog and was pleasantly surprised! She has some great tips for skincare in this post.

  • 60+ Black-Owned Clean Skincare Brands

    THIS ORGANIC GIRL - If you're interested in organic beauty tips, this is a great place to find them. This post has a huge list of black-owned skincare brands that we can support! #blacklivesmatter

Look Of The Week

  • Hellotoglitter: Emerald Eyes

    This look is brought to you by another local blogger and fellow makeup enthusiast, Sierra. Her looks are so edgy and unique, and I LOVE the vibe she created with this winged emerald eyeshadow. Check out her blog, Hellotoglitter, for more trend-setting inspiration.