The Powder That Will Up Your Makeup Game

Step aside matte powders, there’s a new girl in town and she’s going to steal your man! I present to you: Jaclyn Cosmetics Mood Light Luminous Powder.

This powder will 100% up your makeup game

Here’s why you need this powder:

1- It will give you an inner-glow look. Nothing like looking and feeling like an angel!

2- It sets your makeup in place without looking too matte. Don’t let your makeup get cakey and stay looking fresh all day!

3- It’s moisturizing. Keep that skin juiced up, baby!

4- It has amazing ingredients. Diamond Powder is included in this luscious concoction!

5- It will blur your fine lines and wrinkles. Great for both young and mature skin alike!

Listen, I’ve been using this power since the day it came out and there’s not a day I don’t use it. It’s THAT good.

Do yourself a favor and try it out! You will be glad you did.

Love, Olivia 💜

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